About Us

Meet the Maker

Hello and thank you for visiting my site. My name is Michael Fritz, the crafter and creator behind all items found on this site. Each item is handmade by me!

Woodworking and creating unique pieces has been my passion for over thirty-five years. My interest in wood and construction began at a young age working alongside my father.

I continually challenge my skills trying new processes, making one of a kind pieces for customers like you to enjoy for years to come.

Thank you for for visiting and supporting my small business.

Our Mission

To provide our client with exceptional products made with the utmost care and passion to provide years of enjoyment.

Our Process

We utilize mediums such as wood, epoxy, acrylic and metal. Most wood is processed from rough lumber to a finished state to make items such as furniture, charcuterie boards, cutting boards, table runners, writing instruments and decorative items.

Tooling used in this process include, but no limited to a wood-turning lathe, planer, table saw, joiner, routers and sanders to name a few.